Two Wire Interface TWI/I2C

The Two Wire Interface TWI connects peripheral devices with the controller. It is compatible with the I2C bus so any I2C device can be connected to the TWI. The bus has 2 signal lines (plus ground and V+). Every device has its own unique address. Multiple devices can be connected as long as they use different addresses. Most I2C devices use jumpers to select from a (usually short) list of possible devices, limiting the number of identical devices.

SCL Clock Calculator

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F_CPU (Hz)
Bitrate Register (0..255)

SCL Frequency (Hz)
Forth Code

Most client devices want a clock speed of 100 kHz or 400 kHz. The bitrate register should be well above 10 if the controller is the bus master. The calculation formula is

\(twiclock = \dfrac{cpu clock}{16+2*bitrateregister*{4^{prescaler}}}\)

The next table shows the resulting twi clocks for a 8MHz device clock

prescaler bitrate register (may be any value between 0 and 255)
4 8 16 32 64 128 255
0 333.333 250.000 166.667 100.000 55.556 29.412 15.209
1 166.667 100.000 55.556 29.412 15.152 7.692 3.891
2 55.556 29.412 15.152 7.692 3.876 1.946 978
3 15.152 7.692 3.876 1.946 975 488 245

Basic words

The foundation of the TWI/I2C library is the file i2c.frt. It wraps the low level access to the TWI module registers and defines the basic commands. It depends on the bitnames library.

The library uses the 7bit addresses. The 8th bit to distinguish between read and write access is added internally with the words i2c.wr and i2c.rd.

I2C Data Exchange

The I2C Data Exchange is initiated with i2c.begin. This word takes a 7bit I2C hardware address as parameter and aquires the bus. It sends the I2C START condition too.

Next the data read/write actions take place. All communication is directed to the selected device only. Do not send a STOP condition.

The final action is the i2c.end which releases the bus and sends the I2C STOP condition. Thereafter the next bus cycle can start.