Reason For ResetΒΆ

If the controller constantly resets and prints only (part of) the version string, it could be really nice to know why it behaves that way. The controller itself stores the reset reason in the machine control register, which gets unfortunately overwritten real soon. amforth reads its content upon startup into an unused register for later usage however.

Adding the following few lines to the applturnkey.asm file prints the numeric information at every reset

; print the numeric reason for reset
; forth code: 10 c@ . cr
.dw 10
.dw XT_DOT
.dw XT_CR

The following screen shows the program output after power on reset (4), pressing the reset button (2) and an ordinary call to cold:

-- power on --
> 4
amforth 4.7 ATmega328P 16000 kHz
-- pressing reset button --
> 2
amforth 4.7 ATmega328P 16000 kHz
> cold
amforth 4.7 ATmega328P 16000 kHz

The exact meaning of the numbers is available by reading the respective controller data sheet (8 usually means watch dog reset).