Using create/does>ΒΆ

The command combination create .. does> creates a challange on a microcontroller forth which dictionary resides in flash memory since create writes the execution token. A subsequent does> replaces this execution token with some other value. The AVR can reprogram it on the fly, the MSP430 places a much higher burden to achieve it. Due to the size of a single flash page the the sequence create/does> works on the AVR8 only.

The combination <builds/does> works on all platforms without restrictions as a plug-in replacement.

A subtle error will be made with the following code

: const create , does> @ ;

This code does not work as expected. The value compiled with , is compiled into the dictionary, which is read using the @i word. The correct code is

: const create , does> @i ;

Similarly the sequence

: world create ( sizeinformation )  allot
  does> ( size is on stack) ... ;

does not work. It needs to be changed to

: world variable ( sizeinformation) allot
 does> @i ( sizeinformation is now on stack) ... ;